The Farm

Ideal beef cattle production property

A 750 acre showcase property located in the magnificent Glenburn Valley.

The Property

Since purchasing the property in 2010, a major infrastructure development occurred to replace the damage cause by the Black Saturday fires. A whole-farm plan included replacing damaged fences, stock laneways, fencing off waterways and creating biodiversity corridors for healthy productivity for stock and the environment, and building new stockyards, office and staff amenities.








The 750 acre property incorporates improved creek flats to undulating valley hills divided into 25 paddocks, with 20 dams and numerous gravity fed water troughs.

Secure electric fencing and central laneway system have been installed, ideal for beef cattle production.


The property has a strong fertiliser history, with regular soil testing and targeted fertiliser applications. All the creek flats have been renovated and pasture improved with highly productive pasture species.


Recent fencing off waterways, and annual tree planting, revegetation programs have created biodiversity corridors, conserving the natural environment. The property is managed to return the highest production for beef cattle, balanced with sustainable farming.